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Our Beans

It is important to know where your coffee comes from -who are you supporting and why that matters. Find out more about the coffee farmers we partner with.

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cold brew coffee

Cold Brew - all year

Cold Brew coffee is extremely versatile. From fancy drinks, alcholoic drinks, from concentrate you can use to make your daily hot coffee. I know right? Who knew? Check out some of our favourite recipes - all made with our coffee blends.

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Special Occasion?

Because we are a small roaster we can personalize blends and create one-of-a-kind labels for your special occasion, event, or party. Think wedding favours, corporate thank yous, and parties - or even fundraising events!

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the union general coffee company  - our story image

Our Coffee Adventure

Life is never a straightforward path - our story is no different. What made us become professional roasters? And what's with the red squirrel?

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