Our Beans

We care about where we buy our green coffee beans from. We have amazing connections with our direct suppliers of coffee - who have been to the farms, seen the coffee grow, and establish the connections necessary to bring us the best coffee while ensuring they are protecting the farmers and the environment. 

Sourcing coffee ethically and sustainably is important for several reasons:

  1. Fair compensation for farmers: Ethical sourcing of coffee means that coffee farmers are paid a fair price for their beans. This helps to ensure that they can earn a decent living and support their families, and reduces the risk of exploitation.
  2. Environmental sustainability: Sustainable coffee sourcing practices aim to minimize the environmental impact of coffee production. This includes using environmentally friendly farming practices that reduce the use of harmful chemicals, promoting biodiversity, and conserving water.
  3. Social responsibility: Ethical and sustainable coffee sourcing practices prioritize the well-being of coffee farming communities. This can include providing access to education, healthcare, and other basic needs, as well as empowering communities to make decisions about their own future.
  4. High-quality coffee: Coffee that is grown and sourced sustainably is often of higher quality, as it is grown using environmentally friendly methods and with greater attention to detail. This can result in a better-tasting and more consistent product, which benefits both the producer and the consumer.

Overall, sourcing coffee ethically and sustainably is good for the coffee industry, the environment, and the communities that produce it. It also helps to ensure that the coffee you purchase is of the highest quality, and that we all can continue to enjoy it for generations to come.